Topical Powers of the Sunflower Seed Oil: Skin Healing Beauty Benefits

Topical Powers of the Sunflower Seed Oil: Skin Healing Beauty Benefits
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Many skincare oils are actually quite beneficial for the complexion, but organic Sunflower Seed Oil is one of the most powerful! Pressed from seeds of sunflowers, sunflower oil is a highly versatile non-volatile oil used for cooking but also as a topical emollient rich in nutrients. Here's a closer look at the healthy skin benefits associated with sunflower oil when it's used to enrich cosmetic skincare formulas, and especially why premium quality organic sunflower seed oil is used in our Epifany True 100% Pure & Natural Scalp Soothing Oil.

Absorbs Fast – Won't Clog Pores

Sunflower oil is considered a non-comedogenic carrier oil, which put simply means it doesn't clog the pores. It's a safe choice for all skin types, including acne-prone skin, severely damaged skin or sensitive skin.

Rich in Vitamin E & Antioxidants

Containing a considerable amount of vitamin E, sunflower oil has shown to effectively replenish the skin with antioxidants in a way that naturally and gently promotes clarity, softness and smoothness. Skin is left soft, supple and smooth as can be.

Protects Skin & Reduces Swelling

A natural source of linoleic acid, sunflower oil is a plant-based oil that has the ability to protect the skin from free radicals, sun exposure and the effects of aging. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and moisturizer to combat swelling, irritation and dryness.

Speeds Healing of Surface Wounds

Also rich in oleic acid, sunflower oil is believed to speed up the healing of skin wounds such as blisters, burns and cystic acne. It helps rebuild skin structures to reverse damage but also protects the skin from wrinkling and discoloration.

Besides being good for the skin, sunflower oil also supports benefits for dry, brittle or aging hair. The nutrients found within the oil are proven to strengthen and repair follicles, thus helping curb the effects of hair loss, thinning or balding. It's safe to say this purely organic oil makes you beautiful from head to toe.

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