Benefits of Using Organic Ingredients in Calendula Healing Salve For Skincare

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Not all skincare is created equal. There are certainly key differences to consider when choosing therapeutic skincare products for your healthy skin regimen. If you ask us, each and every ingredient should serve a clear purpose. If it doesn’t have a purpose, it shouldn’t be included. It’s as simple as that.

Take our Calendula Healing Salve for example. We’ve formulated this calendula balm to provide our customers with a safe, gentle and all-natural solution to heal cracked, chapped, wounded or damaged skin. The formula is pure, simple, straightforward and proven potent when it comes to healing and repairing skin that is sunburned, injured, bruised, pitted or inflamed. It’s an especially great choice for those suffering from bruising, scarring, skin sores, infections and elbow pits caused by needle pricks for chemo treatments, radiation, bandages, IV drips, incisions and more. Our customers love how quickly the organic calendula salve is absorbed, how soothing it is and how gentle it is.

Salves vs Creams, Lotions and Oils.
Compared to calendula oil, calendula lotion or calendula cream, calendula salve is often the best choice for some who which to keep it handy for travel and for use on children. It quickly and more thoroughly absorbed by skin to ensure maximum efficacy. Whereas most skin oils, lotions and creams are typically diluted with water and other additives, our Calendula Healing Salve contains absolutely no added artificial fragrance, no alcohol, no water and no unnecessary fillers. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Just 100% pure earth-based ingredients directly sourced from nature. The purely natural choice for pampering your skin without worrying about exposing it to toxins, chemicals, artificial fragrance or pore-clogging synthetics.

Made from a nutritive blend of organic whole calendula flowers infused in sunflower seed oil, with rose otto, chamomile essential oils, and organic (cruelty free) beeswax, our lightweight and absorbent calendula ointment acts as a protective emollient to lock in moisture, replenish skin with vital nutrients and protect it against environmental pollutants. Unlike other topical treatments, it keeps treating skin long after it’s applied. This is because the waxy flower-infused salve mimics the role of sebum to supply skin with soothing relief, immediate hydration and long-lasting protection.

Another thing that makes our calendula salve a standout selection is its purity. We’ve made sure calendula is the #1 main ingredient in order to provide you with the most potent concentration for optimal penetration deep below the skin’s surface. The all-natural formula is fast-absorbing, moisturizing, nongreasy and calming. Use it to safely treat chapped lips or nipples, dry hands, burns, sunburns, scratches, scrapes, itchy skin, eczema, diaper rashes, hemorrhoids, ingrown hairs, skin inflammation, bug bites and so much more. Versatile and multipurpose, it helps soften hardened skin, relieve itching, reduce swelling and accelerate healing. Furthermore, its soft floral scent is aromatherapeutic to support a pampering self-care experience when rubbed into skin.

An herbal remedy perfect to keep around the home, in your diaper bag or in your hospital bag, our Calendula Healing Salve can be used on the skin of adults, kids and babies. A thoughtful gift for cancer patients, growing families and those with severe or occasional skin ailments, the calendula balm is recommended for intensive skin recovery and the healing of fungal infections, injection wounds, sutures, stitches, hives, heat rash, swimmer's itch, sunburn blisters, ringworm, rosacea, scabies, shingles and more. It’s the best all-around skincare product you’ll want to keep handy year-round.

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