Jade Face Rollers Health and Beauty Benefits

Benefits Of Using Jade Face Rollers
Epifany True

Ready to rock n’ roll? In case you haven’t heard, facial rollers are skincare tools that do skin good in all sorts of ways. Dating back to ancient Chinese and Japanese civilizations, they’re easy to use and proven effective. Jade rollers are probably best recognized by many of us. Let’s take a deeper dive into the health and beauty benefits of using a face roller to prep and rejuvenate skin.

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE: Shown to stimulate lymph nodes and release tension as it glides over skin, a jade roller can help temporarily reduce surface swelling and puffiness around the eyes, nose, lips or jawline. Such stimulation helps drain fluids, accelerate collagen renewal and pull toxins from the face, making skin appear brighter, firmer and less puffy. Which is why jade rollers are great anti-aging skincare tools for treating wrinkles, fine lines, saggy skin, swollen eye bags and more.

INCREASED CIRCULATION: Jade rolling also helps increase circulation across skin of the face and body. This is why rolling skin with a jade roller on a regular basis can be beneficial to those who suffer from discoloration, hyperpigmentation, redness, itchiness and other common skin conditions. Improving blood flow to the region can result in firming, tightening, muscle toning and enhanced detoxification to purge skin of impurities linked to blemishes, dry skin and itching.

BETTER ABSORPTION: Another benefit of using a natural jade roller to condition skin is better absorption and penetration of skincare products. Studies have indicated toning and preparing skin with a natural stone roller prior to applying skin serums, creams and other topical treatments can help improve skin’s absorbency. This is of course important because you want to get the most efficacy out of the products you use. Prep with a jade roller face massager to ensure every ounce of goodness is soaked up.

COOLING AND CALMING: You may be wondering why jade stone for skin rolling? Well, the answer is quite simple. Jade is a semi-precious stone that is naturally smooth and cool to the touch. Its coolness allows it to effectively ‘freeze’ blood vessels and firm loose skin. Furthermore, real jade is believed to possess calming energies and soothing metaphysical properties associated with spiritual healing, grounding, joy, harmony and abundance. Chill your jade roller in the fridge or freezer before using to enjoy a blast of tingly cool rejuvenation!

Said to have been used by Chinese emperors and empresses since the Qing dynasty to promote glowing skin, inner peace and prosperity, the origins of jade rollers can be traced back centuries. Legend has it stone rollers were an integral part of Asian beauty rituals and regimens since at least the 7th century. Talk about staying power! There’s ample reason these face and body rollers have been around for so long.

A modern take on this ancient tradition, our Epifany True jade roller for face and body supports safe, easy and efficient rolling. Crafted from heavy duty metal and ergonomically rendered to allow better gripping, its handle alone is a testament of our commitment to provide you with the best of the best quality. The solid jade rolling stone featured on our roller is 100% natural. Be gentle to yourself.

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