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Natural Green Jade Face and Body Massage Roller

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Epifany True Natural Green Jade Face and Body Massage Roller is an anti-aging health and beauty tool created to help promote healthy lymphatic drainage from your face.

The practice of "jade rolling" has been around for centuries; an ancient Chinese beauty ritual that uses the "cool-to-the-touch" semi-precious gemstone for facial massage. Jade rolling is believed to help push toxins from under the skin toward the lymphatic system, where they're then flushed out. Some experts say it's best to roll the face first, then the neck, to help push out the toxins away from the face. The movement of your jade roller on your face and neck is known to promote healthy lymphatic drainage. Use this jade roller regularly to help encourage...

  • Facial De-puffing
  • Improved Circulation
  • Tighter-looking Facial Skin
  • Enhanced Product Absorption

Crafted with a premium quality natural green jade semi-precious gemstone, this facial roller is well-made to enhance the tradition of simple, but effective skincare. The sleek, smooth silver-color finish of the zinc alloy handle is alluring and built to last. Firm in hand with a commanding comfortable weight, you will love the ease of using this roller on your face or body. 

DIMENSIONS:  5"L x 2.13"W x 1.2"H


SINGLE UNIT PACKAGING:  Packaged on its own, Epifany True Natural Green Jade Face and Body Massage Roller is carefully packaged in a box for safety and is offered with a well-made velvet draw-string pouch. 

GIFT BUNDLE PACKAGING:  If purchased with other products as a gift set which ships in a larger gift box, the Natural Green Jade Face and Body Massage Roller may be delivered carefully wrapped in its velvet draw-string pouch along with the other items. Please include any special instructions with your larger gift bundle orders!

    Epifany True Natural Green Jade Face & Body Massage Roller

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