Our Story

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The inspiration for our Epifany True wellness brand is deeply personal because our leader and owner is indeed a breast cancer survivor. Although it has been several years since she walked her own journey, the occurrence of similar health issues in her circle of family/friends/colleagues has been too much to ignore. She recognized very quickly during her own fight with "c" that the purpose of her health failure was not even about her own life! Indeed, the life-changing episode acted as a catalyst that ultimately brought her family closer and re-united her with many childhood friends who had lost touch over time. What a joy that has been! Now she finds herself walking the "c" journey with some of those same friends. It was from those talks about hair loss, scalp soreness/tenderness, extremely dry itchy skin due to cancer treatments, that our "Epifany True Scalp Soothing Oil" was born!

How do we know about these oils and ingredients for Epifany True? From 2009 until present we have been heavily involved in the Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO) hair and skin care industry through another leg of our business; on distribution, retail and marketing levels. In addition to JBCO products, we have also supported other brands by offering many of their pure oils, blends, supplements etc. which helped to grow our knowledge base. We have therefore already served thousands of online customers worldwide, and through wholesale distribution to stores all around the USA.

Most important is the fact that over the years we have had the honor of working closely with visionaries who built their own natural product lines from scratch into world-renowned, respected brands. We're blessed to have been involved in the growth of their businesses and have been mentored and encouraged by some to bring Epifany True to fruition. 

Things have therefore come full circle for Epifany True. Talk about a labor of love; nothing is more meaningful than bringing to market products that truly provide the intended wellness benefits. We are so proud to offer this affordable, premium quality, product line. We have only just begun!

Our team at Epifany True is fully dedicated to providing a supportive online community that helps patients naturally overcome some the stigmas of cancer, arthritis and other health challenges that impact quality of life. Featuring pure and wholesome beauty and wellness products for the entire family, our growing collection encourages you and yours to enjoy the wellness benefits of nature in its rawest form. 

A pleasant, healthy and truly beneficial experience when you use our natural products for wellness or beauty purposes. 

We take our time to source premium grade, natural, mostly organic ingredients, for our products so that you will use them with confidence. 

All our customers deserve the best from Epifany True. We seek to offer you consistent quality products without compromise.