Calendula - More Than Just A Pretty Flower

Calendula - More Than Just A Pretty Flower
Epifany True

Beautiful skin is always in bloom! Look no further than nature for a simple and natural way to maintain gorgeous skin with a noticeable glow. Did you know there are some flowers that possess a plentitude of natural healing properties proven repair and protect skin? Also commonly referred to as marigold, the calendula flower in particular is well known for promoting a clear, healthy and naturally radiant complexion. And it just so happens to be the hero ingredient in our newest formulas! These are just some of reasons why we’ve chosen this potent botanical as the main ingredient of the latest Epifany True skincare oil.

  • Antiseptic: Found to be a powerful natural healer, calendula extract is said to have antiseptic qualities that cleanse and detoxify the skin thoroughly to help accelerate healing of acne, unclog pores and reduce oiliness. 
  • Anti-Inflammatory: By far one of the best benefits of calendula for the skin is its natural ability to help reduce inflammation. Which means it helps to reduce swelling in the skin for a firmer, more contoured appearance. 
  • Anti-Aging: Dullness, damage, lines and wrinkles have nothing on this powerful flower extract. It’s true. Moisturizing, toning, firming and brightening, calendula brings a youthful glow, firm texture and supple finish to skin. 
  • Reparative: A good source of iodine, carotene and manganese, calendula is believed to help invigorate skin repair by supplying the skin with nutrients that are well known to stimulate cellular regeneration and turnover.

Abundant in vitamin E and naturally non-comedogenic, organic sunflower seed oil has been carefully chosen as the carrier oil for our calendula infusion. This sunflower seed oil is intensely moisturizing to skin. We are ensuring that you receive wholesome benefits from both the sunflower seeds as well as the potent extract from the calendula flower. Together, the two flower derivatives make a magical medley that couldn’t be more perfect for keeping all skin types soft, smooth, blemish-free and all aglow.

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