Topical Healing Benefits of Jojoba Oil in Skincare and Hair Products

Topical Healing Benefits of Jojoba Oil in Skincare and Hair Products
Epifany True

Look no further than nature to experience deep healing! Though coconut oil has been trending recently, jojoba oil is just as beneficial when it comes to the condition of your skin and hair. Commonly found in the formulas of natural skincare and hair care products, this oil does the body good from head to toe. Here's a look at just some of the benefits associated with jojoba oil in beauty products.

Acts as Soothing Anti-Inflammatory

Studies have shown jojoba oil has the ability to soothe irritated skin on the face, body and scalp. By reducing inflammation, it can help speed up the healing of wounds such as sunburns and bed sores.

Rich in Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients

Many healers consider jojoba oil nature's fountain of youth because it's packed full of essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals. It contains vitamin E, vitamin B, chromium, zinc and tons of antioxidants.

Naturally Fights Growth of Bacteria

Believed to have antimicrobial properties, jojoba oil is widely used to promote healing of the skin. It helps prevent infection following injuries such as burns, bruises, sores or wounds.

Non-Greasy, Fast-Absorbing Hydration

Other natural oils tend to leave the skin oily and greasy but not jojoba oil. In fact, this oil has proven to regular sebum production to control oiliness of the skin and scalp. It also doesn't clog pores.

Prevents and Diminishes Skin Scarring

Researchers have found that applying jojoba oil to wounded skin helps it heal without leaving a scar. It's rich in vitamin E, so that's probably why dermatologists recommend it for patients with acne and other skin conditions.

Treating damaged skin or hair with jojoba oil is a safe, gentle and easy way to support repair and recovery. The secret to natural beauty, it's lightweight, non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin types as well as hair textures.

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