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Cherish Peridot and Amethyst Sister-Friend Natural Gemstone Wellness and Affirmation stretch bracelet 7.25 inches, Rose Gold Findings, Infinity Symbol

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Our "Cherish" Sister-Friend natural gemstone bracelet is a celebration of the unique and special bond created between female friends who become "sisters" in their undying support, admiration, upliftment of each other during our life journeys. "Cherish" is created on the premise of mutual respect, the trust, positivity and calm that genuine female friends often bring to each other's lives especially when the chips are down. 

Like a genuine and strong friendship, our Cherish Sister-Friend bracelet is made with genuine, carefully sourced, natural gemstones for their remarkable metaphysical properties. Peridot, the vibrant green gemstone, is celebrated for its ability to bring positivity, reduce stress, and enhance emotional balance. It is said to promote restful sleep and foster a sense of renewal and well-being. Amethyst, with its enchanting purple hue, is revered for its calming and protective energies. It is believed to aid in emotional healing, enhance intuition, and bring a sense of peace and tranquility.


This enchanting stretch bracelet is made with 8mm natural faceted rondelle amethyst beads and smooth round 8mm peridot beads. It is enhanced with our custom stainless-steel laser- engraved oval logo bead, finished in rose gold. We chose rose gold for its warmth and feminine vibe. Make no mistake, the Infinity Symbol engraved in this logo bead is EVERYTHING! For Epifany True, it symbolizes eternal friendship, trust and the timeless bond between "sister-friends". It an easy fit for 7-7.25 inch wrist.


Together, these natural Amethyst and Peridot gemstones create a harmonious blend of energies, making the Epifany True Cherish Sister-Friend Bracelet a perfect gift for your sister-friends or a special treat for yourself. Wear this bracelet to invite balance, positivity, and a sense of well-being into your life.



Women's Stretch Bracelet fits up to 7.25" wrist. Natural Peridot, natural Amethyst, without enhancement. Our trademarked logo is laser-engraved on the Stainless-Steel cylinder with the universal infinity symbol symbol.

Your Epifany True Bracelet is handcrafted with natural gemstones and stainless steel. For best results, do not bathe, shower or swim while wearing your bracelet. Do not immerse in water, or excessively expose to body care products. Your stretch bracelet is made with great care and professionally secured. For long-term wear, please stretch only when putting on or removing.